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TAPE Live in Hell erau 2019

Bandstand Hellerau 2019, baby!

TAPE Live in Hell erau 2019

Live in Hell erau 2019

1. Ostritz (live) 03:48
2. Wonderfool World (live) 05:17
3. Ferry Of The Common Man (live) 06:09
4. Lemmy (live) 04:10
5. Miracle (live) 05:56
6. Ghost Song (live) 02:52
7. WWW (live) 06:06
8. Silver Surfer feat. Dylan Guthro (Bonus Track) 03:37


And opening the spectacle: Your chums of Lasse Reinstroem.

Now you can enjoy this rather solid gig over and over again from the comfort of your own or somebody elses couch for only a couple o'quid.

Isn't life just wonderfool?


released February 22, 2020

Recorded at Bandstand Hellerau 2019 by Dirk.

Mixed by Scott McLean.

Mastered by Scott McLean and Ben Brown at La Chunky, Glasgow.
Except Silver Surfer. Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.
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